Free Online Tools

Text Tools

Word Counter

A tool to count the number of words in a given text.

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HTML Encoder Decoder

Encode and decode HTML entities.

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Text to HTML

Convert plain text to HTML markup.

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Text to HTML List

Convert text to HTML list format.

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Development Tools

Online Code Editor

Edit and run your code online.

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Code Formatter

Format your code snippets for better readability.

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Design Tools

Image Compressor

Compress your images without losing quality.

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Color Picker

Select and copy colors easily with this color picker tool.

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Image Map Generator

Create clickable image maps for your images.

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Random Color Palette Generator

Generate random color palettes for your projects.

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Blob CSS Generator

Generate CSS code for blob shapes.

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Utility Tools

URL Shortener

Shorten long URLs for easy sharing.

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Typing Speed Test

Test and improve your typing speed.

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Tax Calculator

Calculate taxes based on your income.

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Loan Calculator

Calculate loan payments and interest.

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